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GoSnipe will be fully merged into Myibidder in a few weeks.
User accounts are transferred over, but you need to reset your account password to access it.
You will get 2 months of free usage as users of GoSnipe, and many new features and enhancements coming with Myibidder.
like mobile apps, better support, easier interface, etc.
Use those links for Myibidder password reset and contact support if any questions.

Snipe auctions directly from eBay

No need to leave eBay when you're sniping auctions. With goSnipe, simply add our link to your bookmark toolbar. Click it while viewing an eBay item, enter your maximum bid, and goSnipe!

Powerful sniping dashboard

goSnipe has the most feature-rich and user-friendly sniping dashboard available. Easily filter through all of your snipes without ever reloading the page.

Don't bid... goSnipe!

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